Investigators at the largest fuel pipeline in the US are working to recover from a devastating cyber-attack that cut the flow of oil.

The hack on Colonial Pipeline is being seen as one of the most significant attacks on critical national infrastructure in history.

The pipeline transports nearly half of the east coast's fuel supplies and prices at pumps are expected to rise if the outage is long lasting.

How can a pipeline be hacked? For many people, the image of the oil industry is one of pipes, pumps and greasy black liquid.

In truth, the type of modern operation Colonial Pipeline runs is extremely digital.

US pipeline hackers 'didn't mean to create problems' The ransomware surge ruining lives Pressure sensors, thermostats, valves and pumps are used to monitor and control the flow of diesel, petrol and jet fuel across hundreds of miles of piping.

Colonial even has a high-tech "smart pig" (pipeline inspection gauge) robot that scurries through its pipes checking for anomalies. pg

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Today, the media have become an extremely important part of each person’s life. In the past years, the development of technological progress caused the most influential impact on the flow of events. With a help of the new technologies, humanity gained the possibility to search and share information in the easiest way. The creation of the Internet caused an extremely significant impact on the modern media. In addition, due to constant growth of the globalization process, it became easier to get or to share information all over the world. The development of technology resulted in the growth of media’s influence on society. Each person can share the information on the Internet, and that is why the influence of the Internet can have both positive and negative effects on society because of a poor control over that information. Nowadays, one of the most negative impacts of the Internet is the spread of child sex exploitation. Thus, society started to understand the importance of the Internet control. It is certainly the fact that in the modern world the media has significant part in people’s life. Advertisement became a part of the media as well, and today, the companies promote its products through the media. However, the issue is that very often such industries, which represent fashion, produce soda or electronic devices, target teenage audience. It can have both negative and positive effects. It is possible to see that media can cause ‘blind imitation’, when teenagers, children, or even adults want to be similar to celebrities or popular characters of the movie or programs. For example, there exist many opinions that Disney heroines cause a negative effect on little girls because those heroines have sexuality, which is not acceptable for the girls under 12 years old. Moreover, the media can cause self-hatred. According to the modern media, people who look attractive get more attention than others and are more successful. Thus, it causes complexes for those who have less attractive appearance. It is just one example when media stereotypes can have bad influence on the minds. Owing to this example, it is possible to conclude that targeting teenagers through media should have a responsibility and understanding of what effects it can have on their minds. Especially in fashion industry targeted on young girls, the main problem consists in the issue that its advertisement has sexual context, and consequently girls imitate the sexual behaviour that is not relevant for their age. Propaganda through the media can be a part of any field of life. Often, one of the main negative consequences of the media is the communication of the ‘wrong message’. It means that media’s message can be understood in the wrong way. The main purpose of the media is to shed light on the negative events in society and to awaken people about these negatives and their possible consequences. Despite its positive impact, it also can have dramatic consequences. The main problem is that many people can interpret the information incorrectly, and miss what is actually ‘bad’ or ‘good’. The issue is that the media today can cause the most influential effect, which makes the question appear: Should the fashion, soda or electronic industries target teenagers directly through various media? In the present day, teenagers drink not healthy soda, they are addicted to electronics and follow fashion trends that sometimes are not relevant for their age. “Wrong message” is vital issue that should be viewed. For example, teenagers can believe the commercial claim of the advertisements of soda that if they buy it they will become more successful among their peers, but they do not recognize the unhealthy qualities of the product, they think only about the sense that commercial is willing to impose. Another major aspect of media’s negative impact is that it can have a subconscious influence on people’s minds. For instance, the media can impose an unhealthy way of life. Today, junk-food industries promote their unhealthy products through advertisements. Television and commercials promote unhealthy food neglecting the fact that it causes sky-high rates of obesity. Instead of promoting healthy food and active lifestyle, media promotes different kinds of equipment designed for overweight people. The main media’s danger is communication of incorrect information. Being presented as authority, it creates fake reality and subconsciously manages people’s minds. Not all kinds of credible claims communicate truth, yet the media sometimes plays a role of a director of people’s lives. The same situation appears with electronic industries that impose technology addiction to adolescents. Media is full of commercials that claim that technology makes its owner ‘cool’ and successful. It is the fact that most electronic industries are directing teenage audience and, consequently, every teenager thinks that if he or she does not possess new gadgets it will make him or her outsider of the group. According to this example, it is possible to see the danger of constant promotion of electronics through the media. In addition, it is certainly the case that today’s world is media-dominated, so it is impossible to avoid the influence of the media. Media is everywhere, and the information bombs the people’s minds every time. The Internet causes the most negative effects because the information online is unlimited and not sufficiently controlled. This way, it is always possible to download any information without accounting for the negative consequences of this kind of use. Trough these examples, it is possible to see that media has the most significant effect on people’s minds, and those companies who promote their products targeting teenagers should recognize the responsibility. The main advantage of the promotion through media is that it actually has its own control and censorship, and children or adolescents have protection of being imposed by the dangerous issues or products that are not relevant for them. If they do not get the information through media they will get this information through other sources that can be difficult to control for their parents. However, the situation is that, usually, the main goal of advertisements through media is profit and companies do not think a lot about the possible negative effect. To sum up, the media has become an important part of people’s life. Despite the obvious advantages that media can bring to society, it also has serious negative influences. The media can have a negative impact on society trough propaganda, fake information, and approval of aggression. Media propaganda can be a part of any field of life. One of the main negative consequences of the media is provision of a room for misinterpretation. It means that media’s message can be either communicated or understood in the wrong way. The issue is that the media today can cause the most influential effect. That is why, there is the question, should the fashion, soda or electronic industries target teenagers directly through various media? Nowadays, teenagers drink not healthy soda, are addicted to electronics and follow fashion trends that sometimes are not relevant for their age. The main media’s purpose is to lighten the negative aspects of society and inform people about these negatives and their possible consequences. The media can cause ‘blind imitation’ when teenagers, children, or even adults want to imitate celebrities or popular characters of the movies or programs. The main danger of the media is communication of incorrect information since it creates fake reality and subconsciously manages people’s minds. Logan Riley is a talented writer at He likes to express his thoughts on paper.

1 Vote Created Often times I see people categorizing coffee as an addiction claiming that they’re addicted to it not that they love it or something, and despite what you read on the internet, most of the time that’s true, coffee is an addiction.

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chris lee, what-type-of-humidifier-is-best-for-asthma 12 months ago

A humidifier adds either warm or cool moisture into the air in the form of vapor mist. It can help you regulate the humidity in your home but must be regulated and well-maintained or it may make asthma symptoms worse.

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Idea: best pillow

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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably aware that TMJ disorders include a variety of symptoms that make simple tasks like sleeping and chewing painful. You’re here because you’re experiencing the unnecessary suffering associated with TMJ, and you’re not alone.

TMJ affects about 12% of people in the United States – that’s a lot! Without treatment, the severe pain and restricted jaw movement associated with TMJ can worsen, particularly if sufferers don’t consider their sleeping position. Properly supporting the head and neck while asleep is one of the best remedies to relieve TMJ problems.

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The best skin care products in 2020 from our most loved Aevum Lifestyle for your best skin, from moisturizers to cleansers, anti-aging treatments, Acne removal and more.

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It is essential to have a strong data backup and recovery mechanism in your PC. There are too many reasons because of which you can lose your important data. Having robust backup restore makes sure that you can recover what all you have lost. If you attempt to do it on your own it takes lots of time. Let the professionals proffer help.

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How to fix the blue screen of death is a common issue that people face and it can be fixed with technical assistance. It occurs when the system is not cleaned up or optimized upto it's full functionality or the system has a non-supportive operating system.

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